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BGR, Bobby’s, Central, Good Stuff, Shake Shack: D.C.’s Top 5 Burger Joints?

Burger at Central

Glittarazzi has named its Top 5 burger joints in the District as follows: Shake Shack ("long lines with a big, juicy payoff"), Good Stuff Eatery ("takes the classic sandwich to a new level"), Bobby's Burger Palace ("lines have been up to an hour long"), BGR: The Burger Joint ("'one burger you have to try before you die'.... [w]e tried and loved"), and Central by Michel Richard ("a French twist of the classic American dish").

WaPo critic Tom Sietsema would probably disagree with at least one of those picks. How bout you?

Photo by Chris Shott

  • CTK

    Hellburger. I know the main joint is in Arlington, but you can get them at Ray's East River.

  • Andrew B

    Palena should also be on the list.

  • Andrew B

    Good Stuff has no business in this discussion.

  • Chris

    I know it is technically in the 'burbs, but Jackson's in Reston has the best burger out there.

  • DC not Washington

    Black and Orange.

  • Jane

    These people have obviously not tried the burgers in the lounge at Bourbon Steak.

    Seconding Palena.

  • LS

    Agree with Andrew B -- Good Stuff should not be on the list. Nor should BGR. How could they overlook Ray's?

  • Adam

    When BGR is on it is a damn tasty burger - they can just be horribly inconsistent. I'm not sure how the line at BBP is any kind of indicator. If that's the case then why not name the burger at Cheesecake Factory?

    More importantly, Shake Shack and BBP are chains based out of the district. Those two and the mediocre (on a good day) Good Stuff should be cut. Replace those three with Palena, Hell Burger, and Churchkey's brat burger.

    (but whatever, this is just a blog post designed to generate outrage and debate - so mission accomplished I guess)

  • GoonieGooGoo

    This list is a sham.....any true burger eater know that the best burger joint are not places where you do not have the choice to get your burger RARE.

    BIG BUNS in Ballston deserves more fanfare, as does RUGBY in Georgetown, even good old Mr Smith's in Georgetown needs merit as it has been around longer than any of these places and has cottage fries with green sauce.

    MAKE A REAL LIST OF BURGER JOINTS in DC...not just the overpriced overhyped chains that popped up in the last 5 years.

  • Disappointed

    I agree with the others regarding Good Stuff and Rays, Good Stuff is not by any stretch good. Soggy bread, wilted salad, burgers with no flavor, terrible fries. Only the shake was edible. Rays is far better. Suggests that this review neglected to disclose something...