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Michael Landrum’s Mystery Eatery Revealed: Ray’s to the Third

Eccentric Ray's the Steaks and Ray's Hell Burger owner  Michael Landrum's new mystery eatery was unveiled in Arlington last night. Eater DC has the scoop. The name: "Ray's to the Third." The game: steak frites—13 different varieties, in fact, including "[h]anger steak with Bearnaise sauce, sold for $16.99,"  and a "filet mignon surrounded by foie gras, truffled porcini mushrooms and sauce Bordelaise," for $33.99. The decor: "bare, latte-colored walls and uncovered wood tables." The hours of operation: dinner for now, with plans for lunch service in the future.

  • Michael Landrum

    Not to be picky, and thanks for the coverage, but it should be noted that *that* is not our food, nor does it remotely resemble how we serve our plates. For now, all our sauces are served on the side.

    Great fried chicken as well as fish, seafood and vegetarian options too.

    Again, thanks for the coverage.

  • Meat

    HA HA (pointing at city paper)

  • Marsdon’s Mom

    Ray's the Steaks is the best addition to the NE / SE area! How cool is it to go to a place in your neighborhood, have a steak or a burger that rivals the bigger chains? My family's love are the burgers! Whether you want the hard core Presidential Burger ( my son's favorite) or stick with its leaner version the juicy Turkey Burger (my fav) you really cannot go wrong.

    **They even have really great dressings for your burger but what makes Ray's stand the "naked" burgers are really very good on their own.

    I know what you are thinking...Naww they are not paying me for But I will tell you this, for my teeny tiny budget I know I can feed two people for well under $30....and be happy. Plus the atmosphere is cool for kids and adults, its kind of like the DC version of Cheers. Staff is always are greeted at the door with a welcoming smile should you decide to eat in.


    Mr. Landrum might rather focus on maintaining quality at his existing venues. I've been a fan & loyal customer of the first 3 Ray's operations since inception. My visit to Ray's the Classics last Tuesday evening, though, was disappointing in every respect. The Maitre D' was rude (and completely disorganized); the waiter completely spaced our dinner order; finally reminded (by me), he hastily delivered 2 overcooked items (a steak and a burger). The diners next to us had their table bussed & another couple seated in their stead while visiting the bathroom (no, they hadn't finished eating, paid or taken their belongings)! Who's on first, Mr. Landrum?

  • Leila

    Um, to get back to the issue at hand. Why would the City Paper run a photo of food that was not from the restaurant in question? What food did "D Collard" photograph? While I am certainly interested in whether any element of the Landrum empire is on the decline, I am more worried now about the journalistic standards of CP. Isn't it standard practice not to do what appears to have been done?

  • Chris Shott

    Apologies for the generic steak-frites photo, which is not meant to be deceptive. An original photo of Mr. Landrum's fare was not immediately available and, in the haste of aggregating the news of this opening for the blog, Y&H posted a file photo of your typical plate of hanger steak and fries from L'Entrecote. Mr. Landrum is right to call us out on the discrepancy. Y&H regrets the decision and has removed the offending image from the original post.