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Free Pizza! Gluten-Free Guinea Pigs Needed To Taste-Test New Dough In Old Town

Pizzeria Paradiso in Old Town is taste-testing a new gluten-free dough tonight and asking area eaters to participate. The pizza is free. Results my vary. "All we ask is your opinion," according to the restaurant's Twitter feed. Email for more, um, info.

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  • carly

    I am gluten free and would love to be a part of your taste tester panel!

  • Jaime Tetreault

    What time is the tasting? I am a celiac and highly sensitive to Gluten. Is the pizza made in a Gluten Free facility? ( its own over or area)?

    I would be very intersted in attending and learning more information!


  • Ellen

    Wish I could come! Thank you for doing this!

  • Clara

    I would love to taste your gluten-free pizza. First I would like to know if you use a separate oven, as I can get sick from cross-contamination.