Young and Hungry

Po Boys Kitchen Coming to H Street

Yet another new eatery appears to be in the works for the bustling Atlas District. The blog H Street Great Street takes note of a new liquor license application at 709 H St. NE indicating plans for a 99-seat restaurant serving "po boys subs, light dinners and gourmet foods," with live reggae and jazz. The name of the place: Po Boys Kitchen. A hearing on the application is slated for Nov. 14.

Photo by Krista/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

  • Alex

    So, another place that will charge $20 for something they call a "Po Boy?"

  • that’s not fair

    but but but.... it'll be served on artesinal bread with locally sourced fair trade shrimp that get shiatsu massages before being fried!!!! it'll totally be worth it!

  • Chris

    You both have me cracking yo, but your comments are spot on. I hope this doesn't turn out to be yet another overpriced knockoff selling what they claim is the "real thing"

  • monkeyrotica

    Leidenheimer Bakery distributes to NoVA, so they can get the bread if they want it.

  • foodie

    You guys all seem entirely too pessimistic. If you honestly think that H Street is overpriced, you all need to get out more. The only thing overpriced on H st. is the parking tickets. On another note, sourcing local ingredients not only puts money back into our community, but is a huge selling point and stimulates the economy! Obviously, they are not going to be "the real thing." This is Washington, DC not freaking New Orleans, so chill out with the judgment! I HEART H ST!

  • Danni

    Being in the food industry myself, ingredients are freaking expensive to buy these days, no matter where they come from. Using artisan bread, while it may be more expensive and jack up the selling price at the end of the day, is so much healthier for people and generally comes from a smaller business rather then something being pumped out of a dirty factory. Seafood, especially is really expensive to buy from vendors. So while you may think that a $10-17 Po Boy is expensive, it's actually spot on if these restaurants have any intention of lasting more than a year... just want to put things in perspective for you people!

  • Anonymous

    I agree without the last two commenters. Po Boys subs with seafood that are priced at around $10-17 seems fair...especially when you consider the prices of places like Chiptole or Panera Bread, where a 1/2 soup & 1/2 sandwich will cost about $10. I'm actually looking forward to the restaurant because most of the "sandwich/fastf-food" shops on H Street suck. Hopefully, these people will have done their homework, and figured out a way to make a great tasting meal with local and healthy foods. I hope they really get creative. After all, this is the arts district.