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Free At Last! Mayo and Mustard Ban Lifted at Taylor Gourmet

The sandwich sticklers at Taylor Gourmet have finally relented on their restrictive condiments policy. Beginning Thursday, mayonnaise and spicy brown mustard will be available upon request at the Philly-style hoagie haven. Previously, only oil and vinegar were provided. Whole-wheat bread is another new addition. The emancipation of mayo and company has been a long time coming. "Whole-wheat bread, mayo and mustard are the three things customers have asked for since day one," says co-owner Casey Patten. "We were like, why wouldn’t we listen to the customers?”

Full details below:


“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished”  - Benjamin Franklin
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Starting September 1st for the first time, all Taylor Gourmet locations will provide a whole-wheat bread option, mayonnaise and spicy brown mustard upon request.  Hoagie lovers from D.C, Maryland and Virginia have asked for these options since Taylor Gourmet opened its first garage door on H ST in Northeast, D.C.  The two childhood friends from Philadelphia who brought D.C the 9th Street Italian Hoagie and Pattison Avenue decided to add the whole-wheat bread, mayonnaise and mustard options after months of tasting and fine tuning at a secret location.

This marks the first time Taylor Gourmet will lift its moratorium on Mayonnaise & Mustard.  “Speechless”, said a smiling Casey Patten.  “Whole-wheat bread, mayo and mustard are the three things customers have asked for since day one.  We have such a diverse customer base and they’re all asking for the same thing.  We were like, why wouldn’t we listen to the customers?”

Patten and Co-Owner David Mazza have also decided to roll out a “Hoagie Of The Month” (HOTM) to be announced on the first day of each month for the remainder of 2011.  September’s HOTM will consist of Hot Navel Pastrami, Premium Domestic Swiss and Spicy Brown Mustard.  This marks the first time Taylor Gourmet will offer a condiment on a hoagie outside of oil & vinegar.

September is National Potato Month.  Fittingly, Taylor Gourmet will offer a sample of their house made potato salad to all customers who order a hoagie from September 1st-7th.

Taylor Gourmet remains committed to offering the best hoagie on earth, period.

More information can be found here: Video Release

About Taylor Gourmet:
Longtime friends and Philadelphia area natives, Casey Patten and David Mazza, founded Taylor Gourmet in 2008.  After the two moved to Washington, D.C. in 2002, they struggled to find an authentic hoagie that featured the quality ingredients and authenticity of the Italian style hoagies they had come to love.  They made the decision that they could create a menu that would bring those flavors to the Nation’s capital.

For three years the two traveled, researched, and taste tested hundreds of hoagies.  Soon, they were ready to put their research into action.  Casey and David began their search for a location in 2007, focusing on opportunities available to be pioneers in the up-and-coming H Street NE "Atlas District".  Purchasing a 3-story townhouse, which had last housed a barbershop, Casey and David’s plan was to erect an Italian hoagie shop and gourmet market with a contemporary and industrial design.  With the assistance of Georgetown designers, Grupo7, they set to work replacing caved in ceilings and crumbling walls with materials such as wood shipping pallets, chain link fence posts, exposed brick and hot rolled steel.  They opened up the property to the street by installing a roll up aluminum garage door, proving to be a signature design element for Taylor Gourmet.

After construction was complete, Taylor Gourmet was born! Soon to follow were rave reviews of the food (authentic Italian hoagies, gourmet salads, and premium side items) and restaurant design from the likes of The Washington Post, NY Times, Travel & Leisure, Dwell Magazine, and a host of others.  After a year of successfully bringing the Philly style hoagie to D.C., Casey and David opened the 2nd Taylor Gourmet in the new City Vista development located at 5th and K Street N.W.  Just 9 months later the 3rd Taylor Gourmet opened in downtown Bethesda.

Casey and David are pleased to announce that the 4th Taylor Gourmet will open at 14th and T Street NW in the fall of 2011 and a 5th location is due to open at the Mosaic development in Merrifield, VA in the first half of 2012.


Photo by Aude/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

  • Alex

    A stop at Taylor after a night of debauchery on H Street is key to preventing a bad hangover the next day.

  • Willy

    so taylors has lost all respect for its own product.... they must be trying to sell it or franchise or something. expect lower and lower quality and no innovation from now on.

  • Willy

    "We were like, why wouldn’t we listen to the customers?” because the customers can and usually are wrong. are you not a sandwich expert? did you get where you are by kowtowing to idiots? have some self respect.

  • SW

    So Taylor sells out to the whiners? I guess if you bitch and complain about something loudly and long enough, you'll get your way. Fuck off.

  • PTRQ

    Yeah, this is disappointing. I appreciated their integrity. Customers need to recognize that chefs have designed the dish a certain way and that they likely know what flavors work better than you do.

  • DC is dumb

    wow....I thought DC was a smart city.

    they say they offer it as an option....OPTION....upon request ONLY.


    i'm down for whole wheat bread

  • LocalStops

    I, for one, am happy about this. In the past I brought my own mayo packets whenever I go there, and wouldn't go if I didn't have any. Food preferences vary from person to person; it's silly to think everyone likes their sandwiches the same way.

  • monkeyrotica

    Um. He's not a "chef." He's a guy who makes sandwiches. And seeing as we've never met, how how the hell would HE know "what flavors work better" than I do? Bewildering.