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Hawk ‘n’ Dove Sold! New Owner Xavier Cervera Plans Total Renovation

Iconic Capitol Hill watering hole Hawk 'n' Dove has been sold. Xavier Cervera, owner of Barracks Row eateries Chesapeake Room, Molly Malone’s, and Senart’s Oyster and Chop House, has purchased the business from longstanding proprietor Stuart Long. The forthcoming September issue of Hill Rag has the scoop. Cervera tells the Rag that the old Hawk will close in October and undergo a “100% renovation," though much of the existing memorabilia will be reattached to the walls once the extensive interior work is complete. Cervera plans "a locally-sourced, seasonal bistro menu" and a "50-foot exhibition bar, dispensing 25 beers on tap and 16 wines by the glass." The new proprietor will discuss his renovation plans for the property at a Sept. 6 hearing before the Capitol Hill Restoration Society.

Photo courtesy of Hawk 'n' Dove

  • Native American JD

    Pricing out the interns!

  • Tawnee Henderson

    Thank God! The Hawk'n'Dove is a total dump! It smells like a$$ inside the place! You ever wonder why they have those scented candles all over their bars? Rats have crawled in the walls and died! The Hawk'n'Dove has totally outlived its heyday, which was back in the seventies and eighties. It's turned into a dirty, dingy, old hole that really shows its ages. So, it's a good thing that the Hawk will get closed and totally gutted! Actually, it's about time! And, last but not least, the ONLY person the new ownership should rehire is Paul Meagher! The rest of their staff needs to gracefully retire. Hawk'n'Dove - Stu Long - Good riddance!

  • Alex

    So that's why Xavier raised the price of Jameson at Molly's?

  • anon

    Molly/Senart/Chesapeake/Lola et all = bland homogenized wood paneled banality. Who are the people who actually enjoy this mediocrity? If only I was talking about just the decor.

  • Hilary

    Good, this place is a slum. Now if only the renovations would extend to some of the other cohorts along this strip...Pour House, I'm looking at you.

  • Big Mike

    Good! I will take homogenized wood paneled banality over Rat infested teen tween infested crap any day. Not to mention any thing a guy in a hipster hat made pseudo famous by reality TV has to offer. This deal is a good sign as to what might become of that part of Penn.

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  • anon

    That's where you and me differ @Big Mike -- I'm cool with absolutely nothing there. I could really not care less, and it's smack in the middle of my neighborhood.

  • Big Mike

    As neighbors we can agree to disagree. I'm excited about what is to come.

  • Mort

    This should be good for the hill. The Hawk is an old watering hole that has evolved with the times over the last 44 years. The Hawk has always had a long list newest and traditional beers on tap. I recall when you could only get Guinness on tap at Maybe 4 bars in the city and the hawk was one of them. The establishment is full of ghosts and stories of the life on and around Capital Hill. I guess some may not know the history of the bar. An old bar accumulates petina over the years. The bar regulars (former and old, too) will miss this place even if they have moved on with life.

  • http://n/a los

    The Hawk n Dove, last time I was in the Hawk,1987 the food was good the beer was cold and I had a good time that was the good old days.