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Capitol Lounge Commemorates Disastrous Inferno With ‘Fire Breathing’ Wings-Eating Contest

The lone surviving decoration from the first Cap Lounge fire

It's been six years since an errant lit cigarette turned beloved watering hole Capitol Lounge into a fiery inferno and forever changed this columnist's opinion on smoking bans. (Y&H is referring to the first Cap Lounge fire, mind you, not the second blaze.) To commemorate this dubious date in D.C. drinking den history, the twice-burned pub on Pennsylvania Avenue SE is offering various specials on Tuesday (including 25-cent wings all day) and hosting a "Fire Breathing Wing Eating contest," where 10 contestants will compete to consume the most wings in a 10-minute period. The blog Cloture Club has all the details. The winner receives a prize package worth $600 and his or her name engraved on a plaque that will "hang in perpetuity" on the walls of watering hole. Or at least until the next Cap Lounge fire.

Photo by Chris Shott


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    Thanks for the link back Washington City Paper!


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    Thanks again for the link WCP! Check out our follow up of the event. Jay Gordon ate 53 HOT wings.

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