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Snubbed! D.C. Gets No Love From Bon Appetit‘s ‘Best New Restaurants’ List

The District's "culinary stature" may be on the rise, as the Washington Times gushes in a breezy overview of the city's new gustatory zeitgeist. But its newest beacons still beam a bit less brightly, it seems, compared to places in more established foodie capitals. The September issue of Bon Appetit offers up its list of "Best New Restaurants in America 2011." Brand-spankin' new joints in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles—heck, even Robbinsdale, Minn.—merit a mention. No such love for D.C.

Y&H will graciously give the editors of Bon App the benefit of the doubt here and note that many of the District's biggest debuts of the year—Graffiato, America Eats Tavern, Rogue 24, among others—didn't officially open their doors until summer, which doesn't provide a whole lot of time for the folks at Conde Nast to find their way out of the sprawling 4 Times Square cafeteria, book a trip on Acela and make it to D.C. before what I'm assuming is a pretty early magazine deadline. That must be it. The Sriracha mayo can't be that much better on the West Coast. Can it?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • steve

    maybe the problem is actually that the restaurants here aren't very good.

  • Food Critic

    or more likely that Bon Appetit isn't very good...

  • Nova Nicoise

    The Siracha on the west coast is awesome. Besides, it's DC, hard to overcome that.

  • Cee

    The restaurants aren't good! Is it a snub if you don't deserve to be recognized anyway? I think that people here are so reluctant to admit it, but DC is just not a great restaurant city. Everything is overpriced and mediocre. The city is great, but food is not part of its greatness.

  • Tony Jordan

    Maybe DC's problem is we don't have our own great regional cuisine. Yes we're close to Southern Maryland seafood and Crissfields is OK but for the real stuff you have to go to Southern Maryland by the Chesapeake Bay. DC's own Halfsmoke is never going to be haut cuisine. What DC does have is a mix of great international ethnic fare due to all the embassies plus Latin, African, Asian and European emigrents.

  • sila

    its due to the fact that DC restaurants suck... and so does the nightlife.