Young and Hungry

Wave Your Veggies In The Air Like You Just Don’t Care: Amsterdam Falafelshop Plots a Flash Mob

Eater DC reports on a coordinated multi-target flash-mob attack by vegetable-wielding activists planned for this coming  Wednesday, Aug. 10, at high noon. The event, organized by the owners of Amsterdam Falafelshop, is intended to raise awareness for higher-quality vegetables in fast food restaurants. According to details of the demonstration, posted on the Adams Morgan falafel shop's web site, you will hear folks chanting, "Veggies! Veggies! Veggies! Give me more!" as they hold aloft various types of rabbit food. Roughage-averse carnivores would be wise to avoid Gallery Place Metro, Union Station and the center steps at the back of the U.S. Capitol around that time.

Image courtesy of Amsterdam Falafelshop

  • Dave B

    Who still thinks it is (or ever thought it was) cool to join a flash mob? Maybe it was cool the first time it was done

  • LR

    Ha. Isn't a transparently marketing-gimmicky flash mob such a refreshing change from transparently empty neo-Dadaist flash mobs, though?