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Comet Ping Pong’s ‘Smoky’ Pie: Best Pizza in D.C.?

Food Network Magazine has published its picks for best pizzas in each U.S. state. Despite its lack of statehood, the District still merits a mention. And the best pie in D.C. goes to ... the "Smoky" at Comet Ping Pong. So says the magazine:

You won’t find any sauce on the best pie in the house — and you won’t miss it. The Smoky comes with a double dose of smoke instead: smoked cremini mushrooms and mozzarella, along with bacon and sweet caramelized onions.

What's your pick for best pizza in the city?

Photo courtesy of Food Network

  • Matt

    Fire and Smoke - Matchbox

  • Missy

    I used to love the clam pie at Orso but they took it off the the Atomica at Paradiso.

  • Johnny

    fire and smoke. Hands down.

  • pizza lover

    Any of the seasonal pizza's at Radius Pizza. Without a doubt!

  • Cpher

    Norcia from 2Amys. Gotta give love to Peter Pastan for bringing gourmet, fresh, amazing pizza to DC!

  • HeyBooBoo

    2nd Norcia at 2Amys. Easily the best pizza in the D.C. Many good options at that place but cannot make a trip there without ordering it.

  • @SamuelMoore

    salsicia (sp?) at Red Rocks.

  • Native American JD

    Jumbo Slice

  • Danny

    I apologize in advance for trolling, or whatever you'd call it, but this is laughable. This "magazine" knows nothing about DC eats, as it fails to mention that Comet Pizza basically ripped off all their ideas from 2Amy's.

    No doubt 2Amy's makes the best and most authentic pizza pies in town.

  • Nikki_Sixx

    Were Matchbox & Red Rocks not in the competition?

  • Chris Shott

    Question for the Native American JD: Are we talking the original Jumbo Slice? Or Pizza Mart?

  • Bob

    Domino's. Hands down.

  • more west

    funny, that is carole wagner greenwood's pizza. no credit, huh?

  • Kathryn

    Fifth or sixth mention of Two Amys - like eating in Gaeta/Formia/Sperlonga/Naples!

  • Adam

    Really - people actually vouch for Matchbox's pizza?

  • steve

    It always amazes me how people still think 2 Amy's is good. wake up people, it is horrible pizza! these are people who wouldnt know a pizza if it hit them in the face. Now, on to the real subject. Comet Pizza is ok....just that...Not bad, just ok. There are only 2 places in the DC area that come close to good pizza; Flippin Pizza and Vito's in College Park.

    They are giood because...a list of reasons. Foldable, chewy, correct amount of cheese to sauce ratio, tasteful sauce, decent cheese, right amount of grease, the correct size of a pizza (16-18 inches), cooked, but not burnt, pizza should NEVER be crispy.

    All these things, Flippin Pizza and Vito's have. They are not the best pizza in the country, but they are pretty good considering this is DC.

  • Alex

    My favorite, Prime Time at the Del Ray Pizzeria in Alexandria.

  • Rudi

    Without a doubt, the best pizza (make that apizza) in town is at Pete's New Haven!

    Their plain pie is about as authentic as it gets: tomato sauce and a hint of parmagiano reggiano, very simple. Their "mootz" (a.k.a. "cheese" to all those who haven't spent time in New Haven) pie is a good as you can get outside of Pepe's, Sally's, Modern or Grand. They do the clam pie justice. And they will, on request, make their own version of Modern Apizza's beloved "Italian Bomb." And they'll even make it "New Haven style" (i.e. a tad more charred in the crust) if you ask them nicely.

    Pete's understands that pizza is not supposed to be an artistic statement, but simple food, done well, with quality ingredients. They do it better than anybody else in DC.

  • Rob

    Pete's has the best pizza. Shrooms and meatball.


    THANK YOU, Steve!!! 2 Amys is certainly the most over-rated pizza in town. And what lovely ambience--x-tra points for jug wine served in cheezy glasses & noisy, obnoxious kids (and their oblivious parents). Pizza? You wanna talk pizza? How about a simple Pepperoni (well-done) from Matchbox or any number of the pies from Pete's Appizza?

  • Eric

    Pete's is the best Pizza in DC. You are either retarded or from Chicago if you think otherwise.

  • duke

    Anyone who thinks 2 Amys is good pizza obviously did not grow up in the northeast where you had a choice of neighborhood pizzerias. The only pizza worse than 2 Amys is the crap served at We the Pizza on the Hill.

    Pete's New Haven wins hands down.

  • Seth

    The margarita or pepperoni at Ella's are both outstanding (as well as most others). Matchbox is horrendous and I laugh at everyone waiting in line every time I walk by. I would also cast a vote for Pete's.

  • SN

    +1 to Pete's Apizza. Heaven is their Edge of the Woods pizza.

  • michael@petes

    We got the email from Young & Hungry this morning and asked our followers on twitter and FB to check the blog post out. Didn't mean to flood the comment section with Pete's fans. Well, we did hope we'd get a couple friends to represent.

    We think there's plenty of room in the market for everyone. We want to give a particular shout out to our neighbors at RedRocks, but also props to 2AMYS and Comet Ping Pong.

    For cheap cheap delivery in Columbia Heights, 16th Street Heights and Petworth, we've tried a couple newcomers recently and been happy enough: The King & I on the 800 block of Upshur Street in Petworth, near Domku, and La Villa Pizzeria on 14th Street @ Crittenden. Not the best pizza in DC, but excellent cheap delivery/take-out alternatives to the big chains.

  • David

    Pupatella in Arlington!

  • Andrea

    Fire & Smoke - Matchbox!!

  • Katzistan

    I know all the digs about the celebrity chef and all, but the mushroom pizza ("Forest shrooming pie") at We the Pizza is life-changing.

  • Abbey

    If you've never had New Haven Style Apizza, then you've never really had pizza. You are now in luck with Pete's in town, though. I can tell you that after living in the DC area since 1991, I FINALLY can vouch for an authentic place to eat apizza!! This is an experience that you won't want to miss!! YUM!

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