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Bread Is Dead: Cutting Costs (and Carbs), D.C. Eateries Abandon the Dinner Roll

Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema takes note of a rising trend at area restaurants: the death of the bread basket. He cites D.C. eateries Sax, Lincoln, Lost Society, and Brasserie Brightwell in Easton, Md., among those abandoning the complimentary dinner roll. Some operators explain it as cost-cutting measure. Lincoln's Alan Popovsky, meanwhile, cites a concern for his customers' stomach capacity: “I wanted people to appreciate the food” rather than fill up on bread, he says. Popovsky, though, has recently relented, serving corn bread with honey butter, but only on a limited basis. D.C. diners simply expect it: “This is a market that feels like it has to have bread service,” he says.

Photo by 4028mdk09/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

  • Katalina

    RIP Bread Basket. :( The anticipation of your arrival to the table was so mouth-watering, while it lasted.

  • NovaNicole

    I take it the charges overall on the menus will go down accordingly?

  • Gerholdt

    If the bread was ordinary, I wouldn't miss it. But I will be attracted to a table with fresh baked bread (I'm thinking Red Hot and Blue and Pasta Plus). It's one of those details that tells me the management cares about the whole meal rather than just the "signature" dishes and mandatory if they want the fifth star.

  • pat

    They are only hurting themselves. It won't cut costs because people will go to restaurants who provide bread and rolls as they should! Yeah right they are worried about the customers and carbs, bull hockey!!