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Your Tax Bill Is Getting Cold: Late Payments Prompted Kushi Closure

Reporting for WaPo, Y&H alum Tim Carman gets the scoop on Kushi's tax troubles, which prompted city officials to abruptly shutter the izakaya eatery over the weekend. Co-owners Darren Lee Norris and Ari Kushimoto Norris admit to sending in their monthly $10,000 checks to the D.C. government a bit later than their repayment plan allows. Deeming the tardy payments a breach of contract, the city demanded that Kushi pony up for its full bill: more than $129,000 in unpaid sales taxes. Carman reports that the husband-wife team "paid about half the back taxes on Monday and then provided documentation that they could gather the reminder of the $129,000 in two to three weeks." Kushi reopened on Monday for dinner.

  • grubscout65

    I think it is high time they do another Living Social Daily deal - get some cash going......

  • Frazier a place THAT expensive could have been losing money on a monthly basis just boggles the mind.

    Then to take the sales tax that you've colleceted from your customers and NOT remit it to the city, instead using it to fund your operations is just dumb. I found it pretty hilarious that when the tax folks showed up to shut them down, that they take whatever money you have in the register. Thats pretty hardcore!

    I have a group of 6 coming into town next week and I was thinking about taking them there, but there is no way I can justify patronizing a business that is so obviously poorly run and steals from the District taxpayer in such a heinous way.