Young and Hungry

Shake Shack D.C. Benefits From the Obama Bump

Not that Danny Meyer's new D.C. outpost was hurting for business before, but employees at Shake Shack in Dupont Circle say they've been even busier since first lady Michelle Obama showed up last week. "We're always busy, but even more now," a Shack staffer tells the blog Obama Foodorama. "We always have a line, but it's even longer now." No word on what effect D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray's visit may have had. If any.

Photo by Chris Shott

  • Larry

    Interesting that Michelle would visit a place that features very good but greasy burgers, fries, milkshakes etc, when she tells all of us how the country is so obese and how the government has to intervene in our lives because since we can't monitor and control ourselves! And yet she goes to one of the most fat creating places in the city after her husband also frequents Ray's Hell Burger and Five Guys!! Kind of hypocritical isn't it????

  • J

    She's only human - not wonder woman. The occasional unhealthy eat keeps her human
    and relatable. No ones perfect and shes simply been pointing out that children these days
    are grossly obese. I wish people would lay off!

  • Beverly

    Really! To the naysayers, you don't know that even a cheeseburger once a week will not cause obesity. Did I have to tell you that? Really!

  • Sue

    Yes, having an occasional burger makes her a hypocrite. Is it really that hard to find an intelligent Republican that understands simple comments and the definition of simple words? Sigh.

  • anon

    I am a fan of the Obamas but couldn't agree more with much of what @Larry states above about the symbolism of the Obamas' prediliction for fast food. I don't think it's a 'nanny state' attitude, but they undermine an otherwise sound public health stance by making such public appearances at such inherently unhealthy food outlets. There's nothing wrong with choosing Shake Shack, Ray's, or 5 Guys . . . unless you're making a big public push to eat healthier. Kinda kills your own message.

  • anon

    If I were the Obamas and wanted the occasional indulgence (again -- nothing wrong with that), I'd do it discretely and send a lowly staffer to grab it rather than going the photo op route

  • Typical DC BS

    @Sue: How do you arrive at your assumption that a "Republican" made the comment you so snidely refer to? Is your reading comprehension so superhuman that you can "read between the lines" and make such a dumb ass inference?