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Lion Under Oath: Thunder Burger Promises No ‘Feline, Canine or Equine’ Meat

Apparently, there is a limit to just how wild those "Wild Wednesdays" specials at Thunder Burger can get. As first noted by the blog Burger Days, managers of the Georgetown restaurant have posted a statement on its Facebook page in response to complaints by animal rights activists over chef Ryan Fichter's reported plan to serve lion meat during the weekly promotion. Restaurant brass now suggests that Fichter had been misquoted:

We are excited about our Wild Wednesdays Promotion, but understand the anger over the confusion that has arisen recently regarding lion.  Simply put, we will NOT serve any animal that is feline, canine or equine.  A purveyor of exotic meats who we are familiar with – but have never worked with – does sell farm raised lions for human consumption, under USDA inspection.  Our chef mentioned in an interview early into this promotion that our purveyors supply a wide range of exotic meats, including – amongst others – antelope, bear, lion and camel; NOT that we would specifically be serving all of these meats.  The confusion over this comment has certainly caused understandable duress.

We understand the difference between what is exotic and what is fool-hearty.  African Lions are tragically small in population and it is humanity’s responsibility to help keep this majestic animal with us.  No endangered or at-risk species will EVER be served at our restaurant, nor any responsible restaurant.

We hope that this will satisfy your concern over the subject, and we look forward to serving you as our guest soon.

Photo by John Storr

  • Jody

    Thanks for the mention Chris.

  • Virginia Woolf

    Thank-you for responding promptly to the concerns I raised about your 'wild Wednesdays' which is proving to be an unfortunate promotional label for your food outlet because it automatically raises suspicions about what meat you are actually serving up on this day. Maybe you need a different promotional label to avoid confusion. I'm certainly pleased to learn that you will not include any endangered species on your menu.However, in light of the present crisis in Africa involving the threatened survival of elephants, rhinos and lions, because of serious levels of poaching and trophy hunting, I would suggest that your PR and sales team make sure that anyone, representing your restaurant, is very careful in their choice of words so that misunderstandings do not arise again. I am also quite shocked to learn that there are farms in the US raising lions, bear and camels for human consumption. This would not be permitted, or acceptable practice, in New Zealand.