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Will Thunder Burger Let Chef Ryan Fichter Serve Lion?

"People watch Andrew Zimmern and he's eating ants and antelope and all kinds of weird stuff, so why not do it?" Thunder Burger chef Ryan Fichter tells Dining Bisnow. The guy who served us beer-braised alligator ribs last week has plans for all sorts of things in coming weeks: "rattlesnake, boar, alligator, antelope, turtle, llama, and if he can get the OK from Thunder Burger owners, maybe even lion and zebra. As he likes to joke, "We are at the top of the food chain, right? So why not try as many things as we can?"

Jeffrey Flocken, D.C. office director for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, is disgusted with Fichter's decision to put Mufasa on the menu. His organization is lobbying the federal government to list the African lion as endangered: "Lions need to remain in the wild, not on our plates.”

Would you eat lion?

Photo by Miroslav Duchacek/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

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  • David Roffman

    No, I would not eat lion. And anyone who proposes such a thing is an asshole. Certainly thunderburger's owner, and maybe even this blog's editor for writing about it. Yes, I think you both are assholes.

  • JC

    David Roffman must be a vegetarian? I thought vegetarians were kind and loving people, rather than name calling assholes! Guess not! OK, I'll stop categorizing them all as assholes, but he apparently missed the joking part by Fichter about being "at the top of the food chain." Did our ancestors now shoot and eat bear to survive? They weren't all farmers you know?

    Joking or not, Lions are not endangered for the record. In fact, the lions that are used for consumption in the United States don't even come from the wild. Most are farm raised in Florida for films and photography, and probably live better lives than wild lions do, before being sold by Exotic Meats USA located in Reno, Nevada. I'm assuming this is where Thunder Burger's Chef Ryan Fichter would be getting his supply from, or a similar distributer.

    I have absolutely no problem with eating lion, especially knowing that they are . In fact, I may visit Thunder Burger if they do serve it up in the future! SEE YA AT THE GRILL! :o)JC