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A Meal Fit For a Mayor: Vince Gray Goes to Shake Shack

What's with the executive branch and its burgers? For President Obama, it's Ray's Hell Burger. For Vince Gray, it seems, it's Shake Shack.

Multiple tipsters have reported spotting the D.C. mayor at Danny Meyer's heralded new burger joint in Dupont Circle on Tuesday night. One witness emailed the above photo of Hizzoner standing inside the glassy storefront on 18th Street NW. Another offered some juicy details about the mayor's order:

"Vince Gray and his posse waited in line and ate at the new Shake Shack yesterday...he had the "Shake Stack" a monster burger and cheese stuffed portobello  mushroom...860 calories..."

I'm presuming the writer is referring to the "Shack Stack," described on the menu as a cheeseburger and a 'shroom burger topped with lettuce, tomato and the house secret "Shack sauce." According to the restaurant's web site, the stacked sandwich weighs in at 850 calories and costs $8.75.

Maybe not "the Cadillac of burgers," per se. More like an SUV.

I have contacted the mayor's office to find out what the mayor thought of the food, the line and the overall Shack experience. I'll post an update when I hear back.

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  • El Sato

    Can we get a DC elected to finally hit up the Good Stuff Eatery? I love those burgers! More importantly, it's not a franchise and it's actually based in DC. Ray's is a NOVA chain, Shake Shack is from NYC, and Five Guys is also NOVA. How about some love for the burger folks who are actually based out of the District?

  • Christine

    El Sato: She's not elected, of course, but Michelle Obama has made several high-profile trips to Good Stuff Eatery, so they've not been totally overlooked by the White House.

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