Young and Hungry

Last Week’s Leftovers: Sous Vide Short Rib, Cioppino Bomb, Raw Milk Rap

Dishes We Dug: "Pizza 16" (prosciutto, sopressata, roasted red peppers) at Local 16, 72-hour braised sous vide short rib at Cava Mezze; honey- and spice-glazed duck breast at Proof.

Dishes We Didn't: Low-country cioppino at Eatonville. A bit bland. Get the house sausages or grilled lamb porterhouse instead.

Most Retro Chic Reader Comment About D.C.'s Raw Milk Craze: "Between growing chickens in the backyard, eating non-inspected food from 'grey markets', and drinking unpasteurized milk, it seems like people really want to be living in the 1700's."

Photo of "drunken spaghetti" at Thai Orchid's Kitchen by Chris Shott

  • Jarvis

    The characterization of the quote about raw milk as "most retro-chic" is ridiculous.

    It is interesting that the most un-informed and sarcastic post from that article was chosen as the highlight. Almost every other post was from someone supporting raw milk, with their valid reasons stated. This post stands alone in ignorance--and its selection exhibits the "retro-chic" mentality we can expect of this publication.

    Even the next poster suspects JM (the poster of the quoted comment) is a troll. What's worse, intentionally being a troll, or being a troll and not knowing it?

    Raise a glass

  • NotJarvis

    Not like Jarvis isn't one of the same few raw milk supporters who troll boards posting their nonsense. Their reasons aren't valid. They are made up. Every time an article comes out around here, they are on top of it with a bunch of fake posts with baseless info.