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Quick Feeding: Sietsema’s Reviewing Loud Restaurants, Mike Isabella Likes Toki’s Ramen

Dining To Distraction: The Washington Post's Tom Sietsema is getting ready to review two restaurants with "sound levels over 100 decibels. That's like eating to jackhammers." Any guesses? [@tomsietsema]

NIMBYs Watch Would-Be Hip Strip Newbie: In Columbia Heights, some neighbors are concerned about the parking, noise, late-night crowds, and your usual garden-variety development issues. [PoP]

New York vs. D.C., Part ?: The Feast went to New York to compare how D.C.'s iteration of the tasty burger peddler Shake Shack stacks up to the Big Apple original. Rachel Tepper concentrates on comparing the food, which, of course, makes perfect sense. But there's an aesthetic argument that should be made, too. And Y&H would have to say that the aesthetics of the original, verdant Madison Square Park location beats D.C.'s location on the concrete-dominant corner of Connecticut Avenue and 18th Street NW. [The Feast]

Favorite Places: If you ask Mike Isabella what his favorite restaurants in D.C. are, here's his answer: "Top restaurant is the Source. You've gotta get the dumplings. Central for the fried chicken. And Toki Underground. I love ramen noodle soup." [Washingtonian]

Photo by Arnold Gatilao/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

  • King547

    Hmmm... that chicken looks really good but I could definitely do without the noise.

  • Mike

    Come on people!!!! You all are clouded by media and television. Think about this please, has Mike Isabella done anything in this city? NO he has worked at Zatinya that's it. Oh and he was on a fucking game show. Come on, anyone in the restaurant business knows that Jose Andreas is to much of a control freak narcosis to let any of his so called chefs play any real roll in creations of the restaurants.

    If you put a contest together with the best talent in DC, Cathal Armstrong, Eric Ziebold, RJ Cooper, Johnny Monis the end result would be all the top chefs losing and real top chefs coming out on top.

    Keep playing into this media hype and the shallow soulless restaurants will shine.

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  • Brownstew

    new to DC so I tried out the was goooooood...thanks for the recommendation...kinda

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