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3 Stars Releases New ‘Local’ Brew Next Week

3 Stars Brewing Company will launch their first endeavor as D.C.'s next local brewery on Memorial Day at ChurchKey. The new "local" beer was brewed in collaboration with Evolution Craft Brewing Company in Delaware, as 3 Stars does not yet have their Takoma production facility up and running.

Syndicate Saison is a 6%-alcohol-by-volume, spicy farmhouse ale brewed with red, white, and black peppercorns. 3 Stars founders Dave Coleman and Mike McGarvey intend to keep their lineup on the extreme side (think espresso-infused imperial porters), but decided to brew the saison as a refreshing but wickedly spicy brew suitable for D.C.'s summer weather.

The launch party starts at 6 p.m. and the Syndicate is likely to be on draft at ChurchKey into the week, assuming all their Savor Week events don't crowd it out too quickly. According to Coleman, 15 kegs will be released over the next month at restaurants and craft beer bars throughout the District.

For more on 3 Stars and its collaboration with Evolution Brewing, check out my previous post.

Logo courtesy of 3 Stars

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  • THF

    Here's hoping their "extreme side" brews are better than DC Brau's The Public Ale. What a snoozer.

  • Ward 1

    Please, please, please...someone make some actual lager beer! Not ale, mind you, nor porter, nor stout. Not saison, dubel, trippel or hefeweiss. Please stop with the fruit and the coffee and the gimmicks. I want a beer that goes with summer, not noble hops in a glass. Bottom fermented, please. If it has to have a snobby name, how about a kolsch?

  • Viss1

    A true lager would be interesting, but it would have to be really good because the world already has too many mediocre ones.

    I for one am happy someone is putting out dark beers. Looking forward to trying this one.

  • Pete

    Eh, Saisons are pretty light.