Young and Hungry

Foam Here to Eternity: Worst Poured Pints in the Pursuit of Journalism

Scion, 2100 P St. NW

Examining the growing trend of self-serve beer in District involved some pretty embarrassing moments at the taps, particularly for a former bartender. Granted, my certification in the Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) expired in 2003, but still! Imperfect pints are just part of the experience. Even the venues' own staffers sometimes give too much head when trying to set a proper example. (See above.) Herewith, the photographic evidence of my top three foamiest experiences at D.C.'s various personal table taps.

Meridian Pint, 3400 11th St NW

Redline, 707 G St. NW

Photos by Chris Shott

  • Roger

    So stop using them.

  • Widness

    my experience was you should let it flow for a second rather than trying to get every drop in your glass. totally embarrassed myself on the first two or three pours at meridian.

  • Ward 1

    Craft beers are for fat losers with stupid beards.

  • Ben

    Unless those taps and beer lines are kept chilled, you will undoubtedly get tons of foam on the first pour. The temperature of the cold beer from the keg room will cool the equipment and result in less foam on subsequent pours.

    It's not all your fault.