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The Real Losers of the Capitals’ Early Playoff Exit: Restaurants

In this week's Cheap Seats column, the excellent Dave McKenna explores the positive economic impact of the Washington Capitals' playoff run on the D.C. bar and restaurant scene.

The Capital Q barbecue joint on H Street NW, for instance, which takes in “up to $1,000” a game in added receipts during the Stanley Cup playoffs:

“There’s four rounds in the Stanley Cup playoffs? Let’s say three home games per round,” Fontana says. “Getting an extra $1,000 a game, well, we’re not a big place, so that’s really big. The difference when the Caps go out in the first round, or they [win the Stanley Cup], that could be a $10,000 swing for us.”

To look at it differently, now that the Caps' Cup dreams have been brutally extinguished (yet again), you could say that owner Ted Leonsis' team's stunning defeat represents a tremendous lost windfall for the area's hospitality sector.

About time to go out and buy a veteran goaltender, don't ya think, Ted? Local brisket sales depend on it.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Tim

    Man, of all the places to talk up, i'm surprised it's Capitol Q, now with two City Paper features in the same day or so. The BBQ there ain't that good, there sides are terrible, and there are many better places worth , although the other owners may not be friend's with McKenna.

  • Rich

    A veteran goaltender???? That is way down on list of why the Caps lost. Lets start with our #1 Center that is scared/unable to shoot the puck.