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Quick Feeding: Blue Ridge Revamp Slow as Molasses; Yonan Picks Favorite Borderstan Spots

1279746227_m_Y_H-1Sluggish Revamp: The Blue Ridge re-do in Glover Park is moving "slowly—very slowly." If you've walked by the place recently, you'd definitely get that impression. And that recent "giant, rowdy party" that roiled neighbors? Well, "it was probably the mellowest crowd that strip of Glover Park has seen in some time." [Glover Park Gazette via Hyperlocal Glover Park]

Standard Bearer: Cable television reality culinary personality and Capitol Hill restaurateur Spike Mendelsohn is representing the District in Eater's national best burger contest. [Eater D.C.]

Openings: A new bar/restaurant opened up in the Crystal City Marriott. Yay. [ARLNow]

On the Spot: The Washington Post's food editor, Joe Yonan, tries to name his favorite restaurant in the greater Borderstan region: "Okay, I’m going to narrow it down to just two, because that’s how I roll. Quick/easy weeknight: Bar Pilar. Splurge: Komi. Duh." [Borderstan]

Watch Your Belongings: Hanging out at Starbucks gives patrons "a false sense of security." [Eater Nat'l]

Next Step? Food Truck? Two bloggers are "joining creative and culinary forces" and will sell pies and tarts at the 14th & U Farmers' Market. [Metrocurean]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • JW

    I was originally very supprotive of the new concept for Blue Ridge and supportive of their owner's plans to be involved in the neighborhood, but now think they have begun to wear out their welcome on Wisc ave. If they want to operate smoothly, they will have to work to rebuild trust with the community. They started strong, but appear to have shifted to other priority projects.

  • Skipper

    "Rebuild trust" = gimme money or I'll oppose what you want to do.

  • JW

    Actually, most people in GP don't shake down the local businesses. Many, however, thrilled with the dircetion of the neighborhood would be interested in a balanced voluntary agreement, a way to directly engage the owner for if and when the noice, litter, drunks on the street become a problem, etc.

  • Alejandra (@frijolita)

    Thanks for the Borderstan shout out, Michael! I ran the rest of the interview over on my blog, check it out: