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Comments Come True: Pret A Manger’s Avocado Pine Nut Wrap

Eating my way through your advice, an ambitious list of vegetarian sandwiches from 24 different restaurants. More Comments Come True.

I now know the secret to a good vegetarian sandwich: don't make it a sandwich. Make it a wrap instead. Wraps are much easier to maneuver and can be filled with creamier ingredients because of their unique bondage capabilities. A sandwich is a porous delivery mechanism that too often leaves ingredients unsecured, liable to fall out with every bite.

I also now know another secret to a good vegetarian sandwich wrap: creaminess. Vegetables need a counterpoint and some sort of creamy or cheesy addition will make the combination sing in delicious harmony.

I have learned all this from British import Pret A Manger, which gets it right. Well, besides including the requisite mealy tomato. I mean, really, why do restaurants serve tomato out of season? Otherwise, Pret's Avocado Pine Nut Wrap leans heavily on the creamy side, with the buttery avocado, rich pine nut and a not-too-spicy dressing of sour cream and jalapeño. Lettuce and cucumber balance, but do not overtake, the fat.

I'm not the only one praising this wrap. A slightly different British version, featuring a "Yoghurt Dressing" instead of sour cream, won The Vegetarian Society's prestigious Vegetarian Sandwich of the Year award. Pret touts the sandwich's B6 and antioxidant levels, but also warns about its lack of protein, suggesting nibbling on nuts for an energy pick-up. At a slim 440 calories, this wrap makes for a perfect summer lunch as temperature will rise and your body fat will lower.

In order of appearance in the comments:

  1. Cork Market
  2. Cowgirl Creamery
  3. Busboys and Poets (sandwich 1) (sandwich 2)
  4. Taylor Gourmet (sandwich 1)  (sandwich 2)
  5. Booeymonger
  6. Pret a Manger
  7. California Tortilla
  8. Jaleo (sandwich 1) (sandwich 2)
  9. Highland Cafe
  10. Jimmy John's
  11. Greek Spot
  12. Sticky Fingers
  13. Earl's
  14. Yum's
  15. Super Taco
  16. Luna Grill
  17. Five Guys
  18. Sidamo
  19. Everlasting Life
  20. Au Bon Pain
  21. Devon & Blakely
  22. Corner Bakery
  23. Potbelly
  24. Black Squirrel

Photo by Stefanie Gans

  • Mike in Chicago

    I'm eating mine right now...great timing...and am looking up the ingredients when this blog post showed up. Spot on with the value of the's the key...that with avocado = a big yum.

  • AbDCVeg

    Love Pret's veggie options, and the avocado pinenut one is great as a sandwich too, not so many ingredients that it falls apart. Another great veggie sandwich to add to the list-The Healthy Choice at Euro Market in Arlington (Courthouse Metro). I work nearby and can't get enough.

  • tina

    Jimmy John's vegetarian on 7-grain is a dream. The best veggie sandwich out there. . . at a sandwich chain of all places.

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