Young and Hungry

Pho Dog Will Survive Massive U Hall Menu Overhaul

Pho dog aficionados take heart. U Street Music Hall is sticking with its innovative Vietnamese twist on the traditional frankfurter.

"We're revamping the menu and it's one of the only items that will carry on," U Hall co-owner Jesse Tittsworth tells Young & Hungry.

The grilled beef or tofu link, bathed in homemade pho broth, served on a toasted bun and topped with Sriracha and bánh mì-style slaw, has been the music venue's top-selling food item since its debut last summer. (Read Y&H correspondent Scott Reitz's review of the popular bar bite here.)

A collaborative effort by Tittsworth and Toki Underground chef Erik Bruner-Yang, who continues to cater for the venue, the pho dog has also become a popular conversation piece. "People often ask about it when visiting from out of town," says Tittsworth. "Many beg our bouncers not to charge them cover when visiting late night to eat."

The bar-friendly handheld tribute to Vietnamese noodle soup was not originally intended to become the venue's signature dish, notes Tittsworth. "I think we were just having fun and trying to do something different." It just turned out that way.

"We were lucky enough to not be the only ones that thought it tasted good," he says. "It doesn't always turn out that way though—the mala drink didn't have the universal acclaim!"

Photo by Scott Reitz

  • kim

    They should open up a pho dog cart. holy shit genius.

  • Lovelace

    Yes! I'd buy from that cart. Isn't there someone doing a kimchee dog? Throw that in there, too! Tempura Sushi Dog!With wasabi mayo! Okay okay, I'm getting ahead of myself.

  • Chris Shott

    You are correct, Ms. Lovelace, the Passenger on 7th Street NW serves a pretty killer kimchi dog. Check it out:

  • Bailey

    I've yet to meet someone who's tried U Hall's pho dog and doesn't like it.

  • Reedy McRothchild

    LOVE Uhall, LOVE the staff, LOVE the music, with that said, NOT a fan of the Pho Dog. The brats are the move. Ask whoever is working the kitchen to melt cheese on it for you. Add Mustard and a little bit of ketchup. Bong.