Young and Hungry

Has Korean Fare Jumped the Shark?

Question: When Arthur Treacher's, the once proud but somewhat faded fish-and-chips chain, offers a bugolgi with rice special for $6.99, does that mean that Korean cuisine as a hot trend has jumped the shark? (Let's hope not.)

On a related note: Has anyone tried California Tortilla's newish Korean BBQ taco special? Y&H was afraid to try to it recently, though this DCist commenter was pleasantly surprised: "I tried it yesterday and it was pretty tasty! I was wary of the idea, but in execution is was actually good!"

  • Amber

    I had the California Tortilla one when they first brought it out and had the free taco promotion. I agree that it was surprisingly tasty.

  • Evan

    I had the California Tortilla Korean BBQ in burrito form a couple months back and was pretty disappointed. There was too much syrup-y sweet sauce for my taste. Maybe it is better balanced in a taco.

  • Chris

    I went with a Korean co-worker to California Tortilla the week the Korean BBQ was released. My co-worker got the tacos and I got the burrito bowl version. His only complaint was that the tacos didn't include any rice so eating bulgogi and kimchi, though my burrito bowl had plenty. It wasn't actually that bad.

    We frequent enough authentic Korean restaurants for lunch that I can certainly pass on this dish, but I'll still give it a thumbs up.

  • Chris

    .. so, I actually stopped at the Arthur Treacher's to have the bulgogi. And it tasted just like, well, bulgogi. Good -sized portion, too. Sadly, their fish isnt as good as LJS's.