Young and Hungry

Quick Feeding: Bojangles’s Union Station Debut; Progress in Cleveland Park

Put Some South in Your Mouth: If you know anyone from the Carolinas, see their reaction when you tell them that Bojangles is opening at Union Station today at 2 p.m. [WBJ]

A Nice Idea: Now that the weather is warming up (allegedly), it's time to think about enjoying a meal outside. How about at the gardens at Tudor Place in Georgetown? There are plans in the works for a deal to have boxed lunches from nearby Patisserie Poupon this summer as part of "changes that will encourage guests to stay and enjoy the grounds." If you can't wait until summer, why not just grab something to go from Patisserie Poupon and head up to Montrose Park? [Georgetown Patch]

Not Quite New York: In Bethesda, Tom Sietsema offers an early assessment of a new New York-style deli, Bubby's: "Where are the smells of meat and fat? Those signatures of a Big Apple deli are absent in the air ..." [WaPo]

Progress! After years of sitting vacant, that old McDonald's space in Cleveland Park is on its way to being occupied! Look at that drywall for Tackle Box! [The Feast]

Photo by Flickr user wfyurasko using an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license

  • tomaj

    ah, bojangles, the charlotte-based chain that claims to make that cajun staple, fried chicken and biscuits.

    in the seven years i've been in DC, i've watched the union station food court slowly change from a decently eclectic collection of not-usually-seen eateries (nothing real special, but good for an american food court) into boring national chains with deeper pockets, the same stuff you find at a suburban mall. even upstairs we have mcdonald's, chipotle, and starbucks. downstairs we now have taco bell, subway, and now bojangles, while the italian bakery and the soup place are now gone. i suppose they'll run the indian food and the sushi out next.