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Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza Expands to Clarendon

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The world of New Haven–style pizza has been expanding locally. Pete's New Haven Style Apizza, which has locations in Columbia Heights and Friendship Heights, has opened its new Clarendon Boulevard location in Arlington.

What makes New Haven pies so special? Read this primer on the subject.

Photo a slice from Pete's from the Y&H archives

  • Autumn

    Seriously probably the worst pizza I have ever had. Also, a horrible experience overall - I can't believe people like this place.

  • W Jordan

    Good to know that they leveraged their DC property tax abatement to expand to Arlington.

  • Roger

    The problem is, I like their pies, just not at $20+. Theirs are the kind of pizzas that you get on a Tuesday night when you don't feel like cooking, have a few beers and watch some Real Housewives reruns. I'd be a much bigger fan if I didn't feel like I was getting gouged every time I lay down that much for what's really a corner pizzeria extant in any town on the East Coast besides DC.

  • Michael L

    best pizza I've ever had, tons of people agree on urban spoon