Young and Hungry

Asylum to Consolidate in Original Downstairs Space

Asylum Bar & Lounge, long a mainstay on Adams Morgan's 18th Street NW strip, will be getting smaller. The upper level will be closed and its future use is not clear. The 20-year-old bar, famous for its vegan brunch, will consolidate in its original lower-level space. Expect the changes to go into effect later in the spring. [The 42]

Photo by Flickr user joelogon using an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license

  • tim walsh

    Hurray! Back to the subterrenean realm where it belongs. It never seemed right to have sunlight and tourists @ Asylum. Now, if we can get Shiner Bock back on Saturday nights and Jen(the bookkeeper) back, life would be perfect. Cheers!

  • The Suds Shark

    Perfect opportunity for someone to open a shop dedicated to enormous slices of pizza. The nabe is desperately in need of one of those.

  • Gennadiy

    John the owner is basically putting all his time, money, and energy into his new place, Meridian Pint. He made enough money in Adams Morgan to move to a larger corner location where there are not neighbors who seem to live full-time at ABRA to make running a business ever more and more expensive.

  • Anon

    Asylum's original spaces were over on 9th and on U Street, both were respectively upstairs in those buildings if memory serves me right. Used to love the pool tournament on U Street.