Young and Hungry

Rockville vs. D.C.: More Desserts for Beyond-the-Beltway Matchbox Diners

Here's an interesting food-ordering dynamic The Feast's Rachel Tepper picked up on regarding Matchbox, the Chinatown restaurant that has expanded to include outposts on Capitol Hill and in Rockville: "Diners in Rockville tend to linger more during their meals, [co-owner Perry Smith] said, staying longer and ordering more desserts—twice as many as their downtown counterparts."

Why do you think that might be? Leave your answers in the comments.

  • Carl

    Nowhere else to go?

  • Bruce

    Probably because the Chinatown Matchbox is extremely crowded, so diners are both (1) somewhat uncomfortable and (2) extremely conscious of the large number of people waiting for their table. The Rockville location feels a lot more relaxed; diners are more comfortable and, even if there's a crowd in the lobby, are less likely to feel pressured to relinquish their seat for other customers.

  • Megan

    Yes, it's because they have no where to be after dinner. Haha and maybe Rockvillians are fatter?

  • Kev29

    More kids