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Comments Come True: Taylor Gourmet’s Arugula-Heavy Christian Street

Eating my way through your advice, an ambitious list of vegetarian sandwiches from 24 different restaurants. More Comments Come True.

I previously praised Taylor Gourmet's Spring Garden hoagie for its restraint: just two ingredients, broccoli rabe and provolone, piled in proportion to create a simple, satisfying, and spicy sandwich.

Taylor's Christian Street sandwich, however, falls short in the proportions department. As you can see from the picture, this is basically a salad sandwich. While I appreciate the streamlined list of ingredients—portobella mushrooms, arugula, roasted red peppers and goat cheese—the massive amount of greenery distracts from everything else inside the roll. With scant crumbles of goat cheese, and very few mushroom and pepper slices, the arugula dominates every bite.

Dressed in oil and Italian seasoning, the arugula at least holds some flavor. But it's just still too much leafy greens in one sandwich.

In order of appearance in the comments

  1. Cork Market
  2. Cowgirl Creamery
  3. Busboys and Poets
  4. Taylor (sandwich 1) Gourmet (sandwich 2)
  5. Booeymonger
  6. Pret a Manger
  7. California Tortilla
  8. Jaleo
  9. Highland Cafe
  10. Jimmy John's
  11. Greek Spot
  12. Sticky Fingers
  13. Earl's
  14. Yum's
  15. Super Taco
  16. Luna Grill
  17. Five Guys
  18. Sidamo
  19. Everlasting Life
  20. Au Bon Pain
  21. Devon & Blakely
  22. Corner Bakery
  23. Potbelly
  24. Black Squirrel
  • Roger

    Not sure which Taylor you're going to, but I've noticed a precipitous drop in quality over the last month or so - and I visit often enough that it isn't just one-off mistakes. Definitely getting less protein and less cheese, and if I'm going to pay $9 for a hoagie, I'm going to pay attention to that. Problem is, this city doesn't really give me any alternative for decent sub shops.

    And when is Taylor going to offer a cheesesteak?

  • Luke

    I find their salads to be weak too--kinda small for $8. I don't eat meat a lot, but when I go there I'll order the chicken cutlet, which is decent if you're into that kind of thing.

  • Stefanie Gans

    Has anyone tried the pastas? I wonder if that's the ticket to success at Taylor.

  • Roger

    I haven't, and though I appreciate that it's 'Taylor Gourmet' and not 'Taylor Hoagies', the pastas and salads aren't paying the bills.

  • monkeyrotica

    I didn't care for the fried raviolis, but the fried risotto balls are fantastic. Having worked my way through most of the menu, I end up sticking with that or the Pattison Avenue.

  • yellowliner

    @Stefanie The "pastas" aren't really pastas. They are green salads with a little bit of pasta here and there in them. Not bad, but not what I thought it would be. (P.S. Viva la mayonnaise!)

  • Biggie

    Taylor Gourmet is overrated the food quality has dropped off since last summer. If a hoagie is going to cost me $9 it better be the best I ever had.