Young and Hungry

Watch Out Cupcakeries: Frosting-Fueled Human Rage Could Strike at Any Time!

In October 2005, a confused deer somehow wandered into Georgetown, and went on a rampage inside the Ralph Lauren and Diesel stores, an episode that "drew larger crowds than actress Nicole Kidman, who was in the area filming a movie earlier in the day," The Washington Post reported at the time.

While that deer rampage happened during mating season, it doesn't necessarily take out-of-wack hormones to send some animals into the frontiers of insanity. Take, for instance, humans and their damned passion for cupcakes! In Wales, one woman recently trashed a cupcake shop when her favorite flavor was sold out and did $650 worth of damage. Now, that's one dose of reality that would liven up the second season of D.C. Cupcake. How would Katherine Kallanis and Sophie LaMontagne react when one of their cupcake lemmings can't get a lava fudge or maple-frosted treat?

Photo by Flickr user alifayre using an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license

  • Mike on H Street

    How much of a rampage could it have been if it only caused $650 worth of damage? Sounds more like a temper tantrum to me.

  • sigmagrrl

    Divide $650 into $3 a cupcake = 18 dozen cupcakes! What a waste! 😉