Young and Hungry

Perpetually Low-Priced Eggs Out of Easy Reach of Most D.C. Residents

WTOP reports that Wegmans food markets, that family-owned chain of grocery stores to end all grocery stores, will be freezing prices on 40 "staple products" that are most frequently purchased by families:

The products include orange juice, coffee, cereal, bananas, red peppers, pasta and sauce. Also on the list are chicken, ground beef, salmon, tilapia, tuna, frozen pizza, frozen vegetables and deli ham and turkey.

Nearly all of the products are the Wegmans brand.

"We can be more aggressive with pricing for our own brand because we have better access to information on the factors that determine costs," said Wegmans spokeswoman Jo Natale, in a news release.

"These products are already the best value in their respective category, and for that reason, they are also usually the top-selling brand in a category," Natale says.

The products on this list will have their prices frozen for the duration of 2011, surely a boon for those whose dollar is stretched on groceries as it is.

Unfortunately, what District customers might save on staples will go right back into the cost of actually getting to a Wegmans store. The closest Wegman's location to Washington City Paper's offices in Adams Morgan is just over 13 miles away in Maryland, in Lanham. The second closest is in Fairfax County, and that's a 20-mile jaunt into the Virginia suburbs.

So, you'd better get a car before you get those low-cost frozen green beans.

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  • tomaj

    having wegman's freeze their prices is a bit like whole foods freezing their prices. if you can afford to shop there, you're not worried about the price of eggs.

  • Roman

    Wegman's is no more expensive than Giant.

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  • Tina

    Wegman's is nice, but it's not expensive, especially for their store brand items.

  • Nikki J

    Wegman's is actually cheaper than any other grocery store in the area, the WaPo did a survey. As long as you keep your mitts off the Kobe beef and D'artagnan Pate, etc, it really is a bargain.

    Of course it's only in the burbs...they are large stores, why would they open a cramped mini version in crap city anyway?

  • tomaj

    i'm from western new york, home of wegman's, and they have *always* been a bit more expensive (not whole foods expensive, but higher) than the chains around them. here, certainly more than safeway and giant.

    the reason they're only in the burbs is because people there can afford them better than people in the cities. this is not just my opinion; they've taken a lot of heat in new york for their business model.

  • Keith B.

    You must not know much about rental prices in the District, tomaj

  • VK

    Reading this is fun. Wegmans brand items are affordable, their sale items are affordable in the city or suburbs. Giant,Safeway, Bloom,Harris Teeter and such are as high or equal to Wegmans items that are not on sale. If you only want to purchase items all the time that you can afford without thinking you have to shop at wal mart, shoppers food whse, bottom dollar, aldi and the like. Its a business like anything else owned by a merchant. Oh and like the guy said above, quietly, there are lots of rich folk in the city..they just have less square footage....