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Quick Feeding: Zeroing In on D.C.’s Best Mussels

  • Kliman Is Particular About Mussels: Scanning Todd Kliman's Tuesday dining chat over at Washingtonian, you must wonder how many mussels the lifestyle mag's food critic has consumed over the years. (Kliman once penned Washington City Paper's Young & Hungry column.) Kliman shot down one reader who suggested that the mussels served up at Liberty Tavern, "the ones in the smoked tomato broth," are tops in town. Not so, he says. Those would be at Café du Parc, steamed in white wine and garlic. A reader chimed in later with an assessment of the mussels served at Adams Morgan's Café L'Enfant. While the place is cute and cozy, the mussels served are underwhelming and overpriced at $17. I've never been turned off by L'Enfant's mussels, but I need to eat more of them to make sure. Research pursuits can be so satisfying. [Washingtonian]
  • Capitol Hill Reality Star Busy in Miami: In case you track Top Chef icon Spike Mendelsohn's social calendar, he's in Miami this week trying to win the Academy Awards of hamburgers. His Burger Bash strategy: "We are just going to go down there and give it our best and treat every hamburger we make the same way we do it each day with a lot of love!" [Eater Miami]
  • New in Bethesda: A new New York–style deli has opened on Cordell Avenue. Looking over Bubby's menu, you can get hot corned beef, chopped liver, fried chicken livers with horseradish-roasted garlic sauce, noodle kugel, and whitefish salad. There's also chopped herring salad, which sounds good right about now. If you get a chance to check the place out, let us know if the place is worth a closer look. [Bubby's]
  • News From Prince George's County: It's not often you hear about dining news in District Heights, but the Prince George's County community now has its own T.G.I. Friday's franchise, run by Atlanta-based Jackmont Hospitality Inc. This isn't the biggest news on the planet, but the 171 new jobs created is a welcome development. [via a release]
  • Photo of some random mussels by Flickr user methTICALman using an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license

    • Native American JD

      Best mussels in town, Brasserie Beck.

    • Unsilent

      Bubby's was wildly disappointing (my hopes were high). The latkes were passable (lacked seasoning), but the brisket sandwich was not even close.

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    • Flippy Six

      Todd's assessment of the mussel trade in DC is as trustworthy as Ronald Reagan's opinion of DC's music scene in the 70's.

    • Dan Riley

      Last time I had mussels at Beck they were gritty as hell. Inexcusable and I haven't eaten there since.

    • Gennadiy

      Wonderful Wonderful mussels are to be had at the family owned and operated Grill from Ipanema, 1858 Columbia Rd NW in Adams Morgan Large tasty in the shell of course and with a terrific authentic Brazilian green sauce!!

    • tomaj

      mussels at cafe du parc are $21. they'd better be good.