Young and Hungry

Photos: How to Break Down a Pig’s Head

Eola Restaurant, February 8

  • J

    thats disgusting

  • R

    Really, really disgusting. This is not what I wanted to see in my Google Reader - I would say next time, put something like this behind a link, but I'm unsubscribing from this garbage.

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  • S

    Nice. I'm eating spaghetti right now but I wish I could taste what they were doing with that head.

    I might have to visit EOLA at some point. I like to try new foods and "Tortellini of Pig's Brain
    melody spinach, pumpkin seeds, lemon zest, butter" - why not?

  • Chris Z

    As a society, today we are distantly separated from the source of the things we eat. Only two generations ago, this would have been yawn-inducing.

    I grew up hunting for and butchering many of my meals, but that puts me in a tiny minority of Americans.

    Sometimes I think a backyard lamb slaughtering would do us all some good, reconnecting us to the nature of food.

  • Falls Church

    For maximum gross-out effect, these photos really should have been done in color.

  • Elina

    It's sad to see how much food is wasted in a world where many are starving and I think what Chef Singhofen is doing here and in general at his restaurant Eola with whole animal utilization should be applauded! Good work Chef! And for all the wussies/ food amateurs complaining that these photos are disgusting ... go choke on a veggie burger!

  • chris

    I suspect the folks who cry "gross!" would be even more viscerally distrubed out if they saw how their steaks and chops -- and worse, burgers -- were processed.

    Chef Singhofen is treating the animal with respect. The results are tasty.

  • James Jones Jr

    Eola gives great head! I didn't realize so much was involved in the process. Great article! I went to Eola early on and really really need to get back...

  • David varley

    Gross? Really? It's time America gets real with the facts that surround our food system. Kudos to chef Dan for paying respect and utilizing every piece of a heritage family farm raised animal!

  • oh yeah…

    This is awesome !!

  • VU

    I would love to have that pig head roasted. Actually considering have these guys over to butcher it.
    "heo" pronounced "hell" is Vietnamese for Pig