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USDA: Pizza Is America’s No. 2 Source of Saturated and Solid Fats

Jane Black, formerly of The Washington Post's food section and currently studying the eating habits of Huntington, W.Va., has a nice piece in New York magazine about how bad pizza is for us. Federal authorities have been sounding the alarm as part of new USDA dietary guidelines.

From Black's piece:

The humble slice, we learn on pages 25 through 27 of the USDA’s report, is Americans' No. 2 source of saturated fat and solid fats, largely because pizza is what the dairy industry might call an "effective cheese-delivery system." Pizza is also the No. 3 source of sodium, beating out cold cuts and even bacon. After "grain-based desserts" like cakes and doughnuts, it’s the second-biggest source of calories for children and adolescents in a generation that has so far distinguished itself only on the scales.

I had a mediocre delivery pizza last night, and I must say, I feel sluggish today. (The muskrat I had Saturday didn't seem to do too much damage to my digestive tract.)

Perhaps I should give into nanny-statism and learn to say "no" to something I know is bad for me? As Black says: "This isn’t a White House plot to take away your pizza. It’s an effort, and an uphill one at that, to save us from ourselves."

Do you agree with her?

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  • Marty

    Hopefully some day all these scares about unhealthy foods will be nothing more than a joke once we get nanobots that can essentially keep everyone fit.

  • Ben

    I'm reading the headline about the saturated fats, but looking at that picture, all my brain is registering is ""

  • Cycle Jerk

    I think it's safe to say that most of America thinks pizza is Dominos and Papa Johns which is just about the same as Taco Bell "meat" is meat. Maybe if Americans ate pizza with natural fresh ingredients this wouldn't be an issue.

  • monkeyrotica

    Pizza: It's the New Hitler!®

  • alexinsoutheast

    Somewhere, Mary Cheh is drafting legislation to regulate pizza in the District as we speak.

  • DanielleinDC

    Well, get a cheeseless pizza with lots of veggies, and you cut out the sat fat. Or use soy cheese or the Daiya stuff.

  • JenBeee

    It's because of what America has done to the humble pizza pie. Go to Italy and you will find several varieties of pizza crust and shape, but all pretty much have a thin layer or a mere sprinkling of flavorful cheese - and some have no cheese at all. Here, we prefer to load up our pizzas with pounds of bland cheese, substituting fat for flavor.

  • Dora

    Great post!
    Recently, I wrote a book that helped a lot of people to say ‘No'. Check it out, you might find it helpful as well. There is an excerpt on the web I’d love to hear your thoughts if you read it.