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Words to Eat By: A Gas Station Chivito

I always thought that the best sandwich to come out of a gas station was some novel touchscreen-enabled creation I made two years ago at the Constant Friendship WaWa off I-95 near Bel Air, Md. It looks like I'm probably wrong though, if posters are to be trusted.

It turns out the Fast Gourmet at the Lowest Best Price gas station at 14th and W streets NW makes some great sandwiches, including the national sandwich of Uruguay, the chivito, which has tenderloin, mozzarella, black forest ham, bacon, green olives, hard boiled eggs, escabeche, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. I have not made my way over to try this sandwich, but here are some appetizing words (and a photo) from the chivito chatter:

  • "I agree, this place is going to catch on fire (hopefully not literally since it's a gas station). Also, I asked the gentleman working the register what I should try next time – he said the Cubano. Then I met Manuel (one of the two brothers; the other is the cook), and asked him the same question – he said (to my surprise) the tuna which is made with yellowfin. But man, it's going to be difficult to stray from that Chivito."
  • "... I have to pop in to say that that is one pretty fucking awesome Tuna Sandwich. Not close to the stuff you get out of the can, these are big chunks of either pan-fried or grilled (didn't ask) yellowfin tuna, dressed delicately with mayo, capers, red onions and raisins."
  • What's the best gas-station food you've had?

    • melissa

      Oxford Mississippi. Chicken on a stick at the Chevron. Honestly, I dream of it.

    • yup

      Garlic fries at Sheetz. Garlic fries at Sheetz. Garlic fries at Sheetz (hey, I tapped my feet together but did not get any?)...

    • Andrew

      It's the Chivito! Or the Milanesa, or the shrimp wrap, or the meatball sandwich...or the pulled pork with a pineapple BBQ sauce. Honestly, this place is the best thing to happen to the U St corridor in years!

      Yeah, I just said that.

    • Julian Papet

      The Chivito by far is the best stuff I had in years. I´m trying to imitate the uruguayan recipe. The one from Fast Gourmet will be hard to copy though.

    • Smy

      R & R Deli in Elkridge, MD. It is a little door attached to a Shell gas station right off 1-95 in MD. There ia actually a clear glass wall that seperates this from the the gas station, so you can be waiting for your food with a gas station customer standing 6-inches from you with a glass wall separating you.

      They have great, authentic Mexican street food like beef tongue taco's, chorizo tortas and lamb soup. they also have a nice selection of Mexican soda's to wash everythin down...and they're cheap!

    • GoonieGooGoo

      Best gas station food......hmmm...if you are to consider all the myriad of snack products...then I'd have to say for me it is:

      WASABI FUNYUNS......have never seen them again and I searched. I dream of them.

    • Nikki

      Pepperoni rolls from any gas station in West Virginia!!!

    • Pete

      Definitely Oklahoma Joe's BBQ of Kansas City. Even Anthony Bourdain agrees that it's some of the best BBQ ever.

    • Andy

      How about in a Diesel Truck Repair shop?? It's time to meet the man at Dixie's Barbecue in Bellevue, WA under the 405. Any of the barbecue sandwiches with "The Man" hot sauce dolled out be Dixie himself.

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