Young and Hungry

Cheh Introduces Letter-Grade Rating Bill for Restaurants

Ward 3 D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh has introduced legislation that might make you think twice before entering a restaurant, eatery, or other establishment that sells food. The Democrat from Forest Hills would like D.C. restaurants to display letter grades based on a Department of Health inspection and other health-safety assessments.

“Posting health grades gives consumers the tools they need to make an informed choice about food safety," Cheh said in a statement about the Restaurant Hygiene Transparency Act of 2011. "We should publicly encourage restaurants to keep their kitchens clean, and reward them for doing so."

If this legislation is approved, D.C. would join other jurisdictions, including Los Angeles, St. Louis, New York City and the state of North Carolina, with such a letter-grade system. D.C. restaurants, get ready for this and this.

  • whostheboss

    Nanny Mary is at it again!

  • jburka

    Uh, what makes this nanny-state-ism? Neither citizens nor business are prohibited from doing anything they already do; this just gives consumers more information with which to make an informed decision.

  • whostheboss

    If "neither citizens nor business are prohibited from doing anything they already do," then what's the point of adding more bureaucracy? Food safety is already well regulated, and consumers already know where the problems are.

  • jburka

    No, consumers _don't_ know where the problems are. And going to doesn't exactly make it obvious where you'd find the information. This is not an expansion of government power.