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Taylor Gourmet Releases State of the Hoagie Address

While waiting for tonight's highly anticipated press release from Taylor Gourmet, I asked a friend what he thought I should expect...

"Oh, he's going to spin like a mofo."

And spin it Casey Patten did.

Fellow Hoagie Lovers:

Recently, we changed our bread to support a local business as well as reduce our carbon footprint without jeopardizing the quality of our hoagies. Actually, we think our hoagies are better then ever! Sourcing locally helps ensure we have bread on-time and reduce the risk of running out of bread (which made our blood boil).

We are really pleased with the positive feedback, as Scott Rietz from The Washington City Paper points out:

“Among the people who never noticed: me. And I’m a food critic. I’ve eaten a boatload of Taylor’s subs over the last couple years. If I perceived a subtle difference in the crustiness of the rolls, it was only after I found out about the switch—hardly a double-blind taste test.”

Come try one for yourself ASAP!

Stay tuned for our Risotto Ball Challenge…and keep a look out for new menu items right around the corner!

Good night, and may God Bless America! (Applause)

Thank you!

Taylor Gourmet

So the bread is local. But from where? We'll try to find that out. In the meantime, the Taylor Gourmet website has been updated, now describing the bread as an old world Italian loaf with sesame seeds. Old world/new world semantics aside, I think this one can be put to bed. With the air cleared, maybe we can get back to what's important: Sandwiches that kick ass—wherever they can be found.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Saving the Planet? Carbon Footprint? I call BS. But I still think Taylor Gourmet is the best sub shop in town.

  • jpk

    #1 - They're not subs, they're hoagies.

    #2 - While I have yet to try the new bread, I am not optimistic. I know several people are saying that the new local bread is the same or even better than the Philly bread but I really, really cannot trust DC people when it comes to hoagies.

    #3 - Would this place even have received half as much attention as it did upon opening if they didn't do the Philly bread run thing? This is is a mistake.

  • Adam

    Fortunately, I'm sure all the savings on gas and premium bread will be passed on the customer and the 12 inch sandwiches won't be $10 any longer. Right?

  • John

    Bring back the Risotto Ball sandwich and quite lying!