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Eh, Maybe Taylor’s New Bread Is Better Anyway?

If you haven't read Scott Reitz's "Movable Yeast" cover story yet, click here—or better yet, pick it up in print.

Reitz uncovered some big news which should be shocking to fans of local sandwich emporium Taylor Gourmet. The bread currently served isn't from Philly's famed Sarcone's deli and bakery, as has been advertised. The Philly bread connection has been critical to the marketing and identity of Casey Patten's beloved D.C. deli.

But Reitz asks a very good question: Why do we care if somebody imports their bread from out of town? (Locolat Café even has its bread shipped in from France.)

To those who've had a Taylor Gourmet sandwich recently, what do you think of the new bread, wherever it's from?

Go read it, now.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Emily Hagan

    Although I didn't know of the recent switch, as an H St. resident I frequent Taylor on a weekly basis and was curious as to whether they switched bread or not only because I realized how much better I like the texture. It's not quite as hard and really soaks up the flavors of the sandwich with the same great flavor. Seems like there was a good reason on the owners' part for making the switch. I give it 2 thumbs up!

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  • Mike

    Bread is not good anymore since the switch. They get rid of the Sarcone's rolls and then they increase the prices. No thanks. I will not be going back.

  • districtlibertarian

    Taylor is inferior & overpriced. A. Literi is better for far cheaper. So is mangialardo's.