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Pink Future: Mayflower’s Town & Country to Close

While I've been a supporter of D.C.'s restaurant and bar smoking ban, the Mayflower's Town & Country Lounge was always a place enhanced by lingering cigar smoke, at least in the visual sense. With its low ceilings, piano, and intimate seating clusters, the Mayflower's lounge has always ranked high on my list of places to go when I've been in the mood to enjoy a solid martini while mixing business with pleasure. I would usually stay for one martini too many, but oh well. But I never went upstairs with a prostitute shipped down from New York City like then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York did.

Yesterday, news broke that the hotel's much-loved bar will be closing next week. Thomas Pink, the men's store that caters to downtown dandies, will be moving from its current spot in the hotel to Towne & Country's corner spot fronting Connecticut Avenue and DeSales Street NW. A new bar and restaurant will go in the current Thomas Pink space. Head bartender Sam Lek was recently profiled in Esquire. I hope he'll find a new home where he can continue to do what he does best.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid move! Whatever benefit Thomas Pink may get from more space and that corner location(little, if any) will be consumed by the bad PR and bruised feelings. Stupid, stupid, move!

  • 2b3s

    What a crying shame.

  • Anonymous

    Terrible news -- such a wonderful bar.

  • Anonymous

    It's time. It's a relic with mediocre service and has been probably losing money for everyone except the employees for years. Isn't the hotel's mortgage in default? Pink pays the rent.

  • J

    FYI - Sam & Harry's downtown is closing as well

  • Eloise

    Another foolish move, even worse than moving Pink in the hotel in the first place~ displacing the Carvery Restaurant where J.Edgar Hoover ate lunch every day. What The Mayflower has going for it IS it's history and charm. Strip all of that away and you have the same ole cookie cutter, mediocre hotel. Closing the Town & Country is a shameful display of mismanagement at its worst. T & C has one of the best bartenders who does magic tricks. Sam! We need you to pull a miracle out of your hat now!

  • Kyle

    I've been a loyal patron since 1992. This is gut-wrenching news of a pathetically crass decision. This place has history and charm and has been a unique Washington institution for generations. Mayflower ownership - you are corporate goons who deserve to lose money. But its customers, alas, who will lose out.

    Thomas Pink, you have blood on your hands now!

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