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New Year, New Signage (and Falafel) at 22nd & P Streets NW

Young & Hungry readers might be getting tired of reading news about the old Brickskeller and the new Bier Baron. For those who like the play by play, a new blue awning with Bier Baron–branding went up between Christmas and New Years Eve.

But that's not the only thing that's new in the vicinity of 22nd and P streets NW! Last night, as I was getting some writing done at Soho Tea & Coffee, workers erected new signage at what was Legends deli across P Street. Legends is no more. V Falafel has taken its place. (So new, I can't seem to find its website.) Out with the old, in with the new.

Photo by Michael E. Grass

  • Pete

    Might just be rebranding.. I was in there for lunch about a month ago and they were installing a new counter and new computers. V Falafel would also fit with the Greek/Mediterranean comfort food (including falafel) on the Legends menu.

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  • Adam

    I was there yesterday, and had a chance to talk to the new owner. It is a new ownership, new brand, and new concept. By the way, free salad bar items are delicious not to mention falafels.