Young and Hungry

Words to Eat By: Roasted Chicken at Fortune

Reading about food on an empty stomach can be frustrating. Especially when it's this nice description of roasted chicken at Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Seven Corners, which offers push-cart dim sum:

...[I]f you can get the roasted chicken on its first pass through the dining room, then it’s a real steal. This is one dish that has changed a bit over the past several years – it used to be served with seasoned salt, but no additional herbs on the bird – but is just as good as ever. Now there is no salt on the side, but some garlic on the chicken’s perfectly light and crispy skin.

[via DonRocks]

  • JrWorthy

    Something else that is frustrating. Lack of proof reading.

  • discojing

    you know what's even better? the duck there!