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Brickskeller’s Replacement Announces 50 Beer Taps, Searches for a Name

When Young & Hungry first broke the news earlier this fall that the Brickskeller would be likely bought by a boutique hotel chain, I'll admit I imagined the worst possible of outcomes—namely neon-colored vodka drinks and furniture from the set of Men in Black. It seems, however, that I was wrong: owner-to-be Megan Merrifield has announced that the new bar will have nearly 50 beers on tap, four times the number as the current bar.

What does Merrifield still need? A name. The new owners had originally planned to call the bar Rock Creek, but scuttled that idea when they realized a restaurant by that name already exists in Bethesda. Now, WTOP reports, they are turning to the punken drublic for ideas.

The 22nd Street NW property is scheduled to change hands on Dec. 23, and the Merrifields are saying they will open the new bar for business on Dec. 26. If they stay true to that, I can only assume they'd still look like the old Brickskeller for their first few days of business, and that the 50 taps—and maybe even operable restrooms?—will be offline awhile.

We're waiting for Merrifield to respond to a request for comment. We'll update when we have more details.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • grubscout65

    They should call it The Brick

  • jennifer

    I second the grubscout's motion.

  • danny

    The Creek and Brick pub

    The Rock and Brick pub

    - Rock / Creek: Rock Creek
    - Brick: Brickskellar

    what do I win?

  • Keith B.


  • Michael


  • Katie

    Lurch and Burley
    John Boehner's Tears

  • my name


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  • Paul

    The Brick or Just plain Brick or Skeller, or a variation of Danny's The Brick and Creek no need for pub or the Beer-Skeller or Keller.If legally possible, a variation of the name needs to be there.

  • Crackheads4Jesus

    I think the bar should be named after Marion Barry as a testament to his legacy of service to Washington, DC.

  • Insidious Rex

    Helter Skeller