Young and Hungry

Y&H Is Leaving the Building

You may have heard the news already, but now that the daily has finished pawing through my past, I can finally confirm it: I'm leaving the Washington City Paper to join the Food staff at the Washington Post.

I will be joining the Post on Monday, Dec. 6.

What will this mean for me and for the Washington City Paper? Well, for me it means I can no longer use the word "fuck" in print.


But it also means that I get to work with Joe Yonan, Bonnie Benwick, and the rest of the Post's Food section staff, which just happens to hold the James Beard Award for the best food section in the country. Am I thrilled join these pros?

Fuck yeah!

It also means I'm leaving behind a job that has thrilled me, challenged me, and exhausted me — sometimes all on the same day. I have loved this job. It has been the best one I've ever had up until now. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Erik Wemple for first hiring me back in 2006 and to Andrew Beaujon for keeping me on track for years.

My current editor, Michael Schaffer, has been a dream to work for, and I know, given his love of both food and good journalism, he will find the right person to fill this chair. But until that time, the column will be written by a number of freelancers, including some who may be vying for the gig. Let the boss know what you think of them. The blog will be edited temporarily by Michael Grass, who will no doubt appreciate any tips you want to send his way at

The Post has more on what my role will be in the near future. All I can say is...

Fuck yeah!

  • Alan Suderman

    Courage, Tim.

  • J Bright

    Congrats Tim. Their (WaPo) Wedenesday offering needs some pumping up.

  • Michael Landrum

    Don't worry Tim--I'll give you and the Post a reason to print the word "fuck" if it's the last thing I do.


  • NovaNikki

    Well, there goes the last reason I had to look at WCP.


    Hey Big Tim,

    CONGRATS on the new gig !!!

    Yes that Hondo !!)

  • Carl

    We all must sacafice something in the name of art...for you its no more Fucks!

  • Keith B.

    Congrats on an awesome 4 years here, Tim. As one of the few WCP writers without their head up their ass mining for snark, I'll really miss your writing, reviewing and investigating. And thanks for putting up with all the hating from 5 Guys fans, hating from scorned chefs, and me hating on your chef buddies (how's that white tablecloth in an alley concept coming, Coop?)!

    I still don't like you enough to register for though. See you print, I guess.

  • Stan Goss

    Saw you on Anthony Bourdain show. Nice surprise to see you. Hope all is well.

  • http://google DAVID ENWEREWM

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>FUCK THE DEAL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<