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Social Restaurant in Columbia Heights Is Closed Indefinitely

UPDATED: 5:22 p.m. 11/10/2010

Y&H has little information at this point, but according to a private e-mail I just received via Facebook, Mark Eisendrath's (brother of Ben) planned exhibit at Social| Creative, the artistic outlet at Social in Columbia Heights, has been canceled. The reason? The restaurant "will be closed for an indefinite period of time."

I've tried calling the restaurant several times now, but the line rolls over to some feature that asks for a "remote access code."

If Social is indeed closed, indefinitely or otherwise, the place may be best known for its rough start. My first experience was so poor that I wrote this blog item posing the question of whether a critic should trash a small, independent restaurant or just let it die on its own. I visited Social several weeks later and found that its fare had improved, but not enough to where the place deserved a recommendation.

Social opened in August 2009 and sold itself as a neighborhood spot where diners could eat in a relaxed, residential atmosphere, complete with leather couches and high-backed chairs. The kitchen turned out shareable plates that you could order in various amounts, depending on the size of your party, but the owners downplayed that part of the Social concept as time went on.

More on this closing as we know it.

UPDATE: DCist is quoting an anonymous source close to the restaurant who says the closure is due to "a dispute regarding taxes and the ownership group."

Photo courtesy of Social

  • Neighborhood resident

    Social closing is a long time coming. The location is beautiful and a perfect addition to the neighborhood, but the food is average to mediocre and does notmeet up to the expectations they have set. There biggest downfall though has to be the attitude that the staff has towards it's guests. I think they forget that they are a neighborhood restaurant and it's residents/guests are what will make them successful. Hopefully this will be an eye opening experience for them.

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  • Kit

    I was not surprised to see Social had closed. Outside of one bartender (Tim), the attitude of the wait staff was very smug and unfriendly. We gave them several chances to "clean up their act" after complaining about the inconsistencies of the food and the terrible attitudes of the wait staff. To me, the attitude came across as "if you don't like it you don't have to be here". Hopefully if they remember all the competition they have; they will reopen, under better management with a better chef and much better wait staff.