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Fojol Brothers Launch New Ethiopian Truck

Last Saturday at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, the self-proclaimed traveling culinary carnival that is the Fojol Bros. of Merlindia unveiled the latest member of their troupe: The Fojol Bros. of Benethiopia.

Today marked the truck's debut on the streets of D.C., and I got a chance to catch it for a good, old fashioned federal employee-style lunch at L'Enfant Plaza. As the first Ethiopian food truck in the area, Benethiopia is serving up fresh injera with both meat and vegetarian options, such as beef berbere, beets and beans, berbere lentils, and collard greens. The menu also boasts what the Fojol Bros. call a sunflower injera salad, which mixes small pieces of injera with slightly cooked sunflower seeds.

The folks over at Fojol were kind enough to make me a sampler platter of most of their dishes, spooned over some hearty injera. Everything had great flavor, but the berbere lentils were by far the best thing on my plate. They have just the right amount of spice, which soaked into the injera splendidly. The beets and collard greens also make for a delicious vegetarian lunch.

Compared to some of the sit-down Ethiopian restaurants around the city, a Fojol Bros. lunch is pretty easy on the wallet. The two-meal option with injera is just $7 or you can get three for $9.

As is the custom with Ethiopian cuisine, no utensils are provided, but the Fojol Bros. do include a moist towelette with every meal. The truck also features a built-in sink to rinse your hands after stuffing your face. The new Ethiopian truck is practically identical to its predecessor and traveled alongside each other today.

Benethiopia does not have its own Twitter handle just yet, nor is the menu mentioned on the Fojol Bros. website, but its location can be tracked by following the original Fojol Bros. Twitter feed.

  • nelliebly

    Definitely worth a try! I am a fan of Ethiopian food and there is none in my neighborhood. I am hoping it's not as spicy as their other stuff though. (Granted, I am a spice wimp.)

    P.S. It's collard greens, not collared. They would look pretty silly in collars. And not nearly as tasty.

  • Randy

    To track this truck and the others, visit! They track all of the trucks on a Google Map to make it as easy as possible!

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