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David Guas’ Bayou Bakery Set to Open This Month in Arlington

Depending on the outcome of an upcoming inspection, chef and cookbook author David Guas may finally open his long-awaited Bayou Bakery this month in the former Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe space at Arlington Courthouse.

Much will depend on the mechanical inspection tomorrow, according to publicist Simone Rathle, who is also Guas' wife. If Bayou Bakery passes the mechanical check, it can quickly move into the next round of county inspections and could possibly open by Saturday, Nov. 13, or Monday, Nov. 15. If it fails the inspection, the opening could be pushed back, Rathle says.

In the meantime, Guas, the former Passion Food Hospitality pastry chef and a New Orleans native, is finalizing the menu for his 60-seat restaurant and bakery at 1515 Courthouse Road. Though it could change before opening day, the menu will likely include homemade pimento cheese, Catahoula hot dogs (boiled in beer and served with Creole mustard and Vidalia-onion marmalade), a "Creole Pilgrim" sandwich (shaved blackened turkey, arugula, smoked Gouda, and Dijonaise), chicken and sausage gumbo, lemon ice box pie, Bayou brownies, and three different kinds of cupcakes (red velvet, chocolate and caramel, and lemon).

Guas will also offer a small selection of wine and beer (including Turbo Dog, of course) as well as Counter Culture coffee (including, perhaps, a special chicory blend that's in development).

Don't know about you, but Y&H is already drooling.

  • au contrarie

    Ah. Why not Community Coffee or other Louisiana roaster? Another Counter Culture shop... disappointing.

  • Doris Llewellyn

    The best of luck to you David.. I will be visiting soon

  • MikeyinCrystalC

    Hope beignets will be on the menu!

  • Leslie

    But will there be snowballs in summer? I was most excited by his plan for the previously announced location to have real, New Orleans snowballs. Wedding Cake flavor, anyone?

  • LaissezFoure

    D'accord AU CONTRARIE...Community Coffee would be nice! Sittin and waitin for opening day.

  • Viss1

    Sounds delicious. Hopefully the clientele will be more laid-back New Orleans and less douchebag Arlington.

  • J.Vu

    Seriously y'all, Community is not all that great.

    Any word on if this place has po-boys? One would assume that something called Bayou 'Bakery' would have such offerings. Shrimp ,Oyster, and Roast Beef are obvious requirements but I'd be here in a heartbeat if they had Cochon de lait, or fried green tomato po-boys.

  • J.Vu

    Oh yeah and lest we forget since Jan/Feb is around the corner, any word on king cakes? (Or Doberge too?!)

  • Bob Villa

    Tried it for lunch. The food was just okay. I was very disappointed because this area has a dearth of good eating places.