Young and Hungry

The New Fashion Trend for Spring? Aprons!

What does it say when fashion designers are inspired by an article of utilitarian clothing that once represented '50s-era gender roles? Y&H will have to ponder this some more, but at first blush, it strikes me as an attempt to inject a domestic note into an American culture increasingly fixated on work.

Your thoughts, Y&H Nation?

Video courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

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  • janet metzger

    Oh sure....We apronologist's who have been creating beautiful aprons in our little home studios barely get a blip on the fashion radar. A big designer (wjho probably is trolling Etsy) sticks one on a runway model and they are a genious! Plus they get to charge a ridiculous price for it.

    Why am I not surprised!


  • new fashion trend

    Cool! Well, why not? Who says aprons couldn't be fashionable. All it takes is just creativity and a good designer. Thanks for sharing this. You can also check this site for more fashion trends. (