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The Latest Food Trucks in the Metro Area

Forget about D.C. Slices. This new truck, which can be found every Sunday at the Bethesda Central Farm Market on Elm Street, redefines the term "hot rod." Fired Up Pizzas is a mobile pie unit with a built-in wood-burning oven. Its creator, Dennis Friedman, has a seriously gourmet background, including stints at Citronelle, Daniel, and Kinkead's. Check out Friedman's story about auditioning for Daniel Boulud on Thanksgiving.

More food truck news after the jump.


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    Yum, yum!

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    How do MoCo's food truck/cart laws differ from those in DC?

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    How can he be putting onions on a pizza with his bare hands (no gloves) when he even has a band-aid on his hand? It looks like his other employees use gloves. Are food trucks subject to the same health code laws? Where did he wash his hands in that mobile food truck?

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    Why does this have to play automatically every time I open the blog! Grrr.

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    How good can truck pizza be?

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