Young and Hungry

Gillian Clark Reveals the Secrets of Her Buttermilk Fried Chicken

In case you missed it last month, as Y&H did, chef Gillian Clark made an appearance on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, during which the General Store owner spilled the secrets to several of her best dishes, as if helpless against the spiky haired, bro-centric charms of Guy Fieri. She even gave the dude a demo on how to make her famous fried chicken, for which she received, in return, lots of air time and a vague sense that the host was trying to one-up her with his culinary knowledge.

The videos are finally available. Check 'em out.

Part two is after the jump. Clark reveals how she makes her mammoth Wagyu corn dogs.

  • Eva Wolansky

    All recipes look great, would love to have them

    by Gillian Clark

    thank you


  • kay whitaker

    Would love to have a copy of her cookbook... Out Of the Frying Pan... tried on Amazon.. out of print... I want her fried chicken recipe... will pay for book.. email me the info.. thanks.. Kay Whitaker

  • Cheryl Deters

    I would love a copy of her cookbook - Out of the Frying Pan.

  • Dawn Johnson

    Would love to have the cookbook but can't find it anywhere, I would love to try the Fried Chicken receipe. Thanks

    Dawn Johnson

  • Carol Taylor

    Want a copy of Gillans book. e-mail where it can be purchased.

  • Diane Redal

    I too would love to get Gillians' book to try her fried chicken.Where ,oh where is it available?